Lipsett Tce
Brooklyn Park

Developed by Argyle

Developed by Argyle, this project is slated for completion in late 2024. Notably, the project site initially fell below the required square metre rate for the construction of three dwellings, as per the South Australian planning code. However, through skillful design and strategic negotiations led by Argyle, we successfully obtained approval for the development of three two-story detached homes. Moreover, we achieved tier 1 funding without the necessity of pre-sales, highlighting the strength and viability of this endeavor.

As we approach the project's completion date, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to introduce these architecturally designed homes to the market. Our goal is to maximize their appeal and secure the highest sale prices possible. With strong development outcomes on the horizon, we have set our sights on an expected total project value of $2,925,000


Under Construction


3 Double Story Detached Homes

Total Expected Value


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